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Tank Trouble

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Player 1: [E][S][D][F] – control tank, [Q] – shoot
Player 2: [ARROWS] – control tank , [M] – shoot
Player 3: [MOUSE] – control tank, [CLICK] to shoot

If you are planning to play some tank flash games, and don’t know what to choose, I think the best choice is Tank Trouble – the most addictive and most interesting game about tanks that you can find online. Even though that the game has rather minimalistic graphics it is one of the most popular flash games all over the world. Thousands of people every day spend hours playing it. Playing Tank Trouble is rather easy – your sole mission is to destroy your enemy on the battlefield. Your tank is rather weak at the beginning of the battle, you must get special power-ups on the battlefield to upgrade your weapons. As I have already mentioned, your mission is to kill enemy but this can be done in several ways. Tank Trouble offers us an awesome physics – every time you make a shot, the bullet can either hit the enemy and kill him, or hit the wall and hit you back. That’s why you should carefully choose the route of the bullet. If you are good at physics, you can kill your enemy using this trick even without facing him.

Tank Trouble offers several game modes. The Single Player mode which is my favorite, is to play against computer. The computer player is called Laika. Even though that it is a good player, I am sure you can destroy him. The developers also added a multiplayer option, where up to 3 players can play at the same time, isn’t this cute ? If you want to play some tank games with your friends at school, well, Tank Trouble is the best choice. The controls for all the players are above, check them out. Also remember that our website TankTroubleNow.com collected some other popular games about tanks. Browse them for free.