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Total Tankage

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Total TankageTotal Tankage is a tank game, which is very similar to the Tank Trouble Game. The rules as well as the game idea is absolutely the same. Total Tankage also offers you advanced multiplayer mode with up to 3 real players on one battlefield. At the beginning of the game you are asked to register a free account and access your gaming progress or play as a guest. If you choose to play as a guest, your progress will be saved on local computer and can't be used on other computers. The graphics of the Total Tankage is rather good, I really enjoyed it. Depending on your computer and internet speed, the game may be a bit laggy but it's not a problem. Every time you start the game, you discover that the new maps appear. Remember that during the game you will notice special icons on the stage. Get them and uncover new super weapons or extra lives. To win the round, you must kill the enemy tank and survive. Keep in mind that the game is based on physics, and if you fail to shot your enemy, the bullet can go back and kill you. Have fun with the full version of Total Tankage game for free at our website.